As life has been slower with quarantine and covid, I have been looking for ways to stay busy and active. While many jobs are in hiring freezes and the job market is challenging, I wanted to find opportunities to use my marketing and photography and also work with the local businesses. One thing I have […]

During my senior year at Hollins, I had the great privilege of working with many of my classmates as their senior portraits photographer. I was able to get to know students that I had not had classes with better and share laughter and triumphs as we finished our last year at Hollins. While I may […]

First, I would like to apologize for not posting Day 8 or 9 separately. Our hotel WiFi the past few days would not allow me to upload photos, so it was nearly impossible to blog. Thankfully, though this hotel also has bad WiFi, it had enough juice to let me upload pictures from the past […]

Today was our first day of the road trip we’re taking around Greece. It definitely did not disappoint. We had a gorgeous day with chilly wind, but no rain – for which I am always grateful. We started the day at a Monastery just outside of Greece. It dates back to the Byzantine period but […]

Yesterday, we got to see the Byzantine Church walk, and the museum of archeology. We got to experience the Athens metro, which was pretty much your average metro. After enjoying a large lunch of souvlaki, the group split in groups of people who wanted to stick around and visit the flea market. I was feeling […]

Today we woke up to rain, which unfortunately did not let up the entire day. We took a bus to Brauron where we saw the museum of the temple of Artemis. The actual site associated with the museum was closed due to flooding. After seeing the museum and driving by the flooded site, we visited […]

Today we woke up to a rainy morning and headed out to the Acropolis museum. We arrived shortly before it opened, so the group enjoyed the enthusiastic bell ringing of a neighboring church, the noises of traffic, and the panoramic views that Athens has to offer at every location. The acropolis museum is partially no […]

Today we got up early and headed over to the Greek Agora, the Roman Agora, and then saw the city market. It was really beautiful and packed with history. I learned that Agora is pronounced Ah Gore Ah rather than the way agora is pronounced in agoraphobia. There’s your fun fact for the day. The […]

Today was my first full day in Greece. My journey started Monday evening flying from DC to London, and then London to Athens. Thankfully, though both flights were delayed, everything went very smoothly. Today we had an orientation session with the school who is hosting us for the first 7 days of the trip, we […]

This summer I had the opportunity to take a Zumba class with my mom. If you can make working out fun? I’ll try it. No promises though. Cardio is usually… how do I put it… Terrible.   So this was kind of a last ditch effort to have fun and be healthy. I found Zumba […]

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