Zumba with Karen

This summer I had the opportunity to take a Zumba class with my mom. If you can make working out fun? I’ll try it. No promises though. Cardio is usually… how do I put it… Terrible.


So this was kind of a last ditch effort to have fun and be healthy. I found Zumba with Karen through a local facebook page. My mom agreed to try it with me, but I’m so glad we did.

This is Karen:


She is effervescent, fun, and very high energy. She has one of those rare talents of keeping energy high, even when everyone in the class wanted to stop and take a breather.

She is a phenomenal Zumba instructor and helps everyone feel comfortable in her class and even helps us to laugh at ourselves when we get the steps horribly wrong (it happened a LOT my first class!). Additionally, she makes the class enjoyable even for the most out of breath of us. Karen clearly instructs and demonstrates the moves often a second or two before we have to follow suit, allowing us to keep up. She is a very talented teacher and I am grateful for her.

This summer I saw a personal transformation mostly thanks to her class. I found physical activities easier and I found myself enjoying being active! I noticed myself becoming stronger and my ailments becoming less prevalent in my everyday routine. I had more energy during 8 hour shifts at Claire’s and I kept up with busier times in the store. While I am the one who was actively changing, I am grateful to Karen for keep spirits high and for making things fun from the start. By the end of the summer I offered to photograph a class. After the exchange, she wrote me a wonderful review:

“Introducing Mary Daley Photography! This amazing lady is a lovely friend, fellow Zumba lover, and a fantastic photographer in our area! She’s been coming to Zumba at Studio 804 this summer! I love her style! She makes you feel so comfortable, and her pictures really capture what your looking for!! Check out some of her work below and visit her website today at marydaleyphotography.com

And I wanted to return the glowing favor. Karen is awesome. If you’re in Wake Forest or Raleigh, go check her out! You won’t be sorry you did.

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