Greece Day 4: Cool things to see and cold weather

Today we woke up to rain, which unfortunately did not let up the entire day. We took a bus to Brauron where we saw the museum of the temple of Artemis. The actual site associated with the museum was closed due to flooding. After seeing the museum and driving by the flooded site, we visited with nuns in the monastery of St. Paul. It was really humbling to get to sit with the women who keep the monastery running and hear some of their daily activities and their stories.

After visiting the monastery we got lunch by the sea (which is actually as blue as it looks in photos, even on a stormy day) and headed up to the temple of Poseidon. Despite the less than favorable weather, we got to see some cool stuff and I managed to snap a few pictures.

Pro tip: if you look closely in the last picture, you can see where Lord Byron carved his name into the temple of Poseidon!

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