Greece Day 8, 9, & 10: Delphi, Eretria, and Olympia

First, I would like to apologize for not posting Day 8 or 9 separately. Our hotel WiFi the past few days would not allow me to upload photos, so it was nearly impossible to blog. Thankfully, though this hotel also has bad WiFi, it had enough juice to let me upload pictures from the past few days! So, a quick summary:

Wednesday we left Chalcis and saw Eretria, the Eretria Archeological museum, took a ferry across the Evian Gulf, the amphiareieon, and Thebes. It was a jam packed day, but due to funky winter hours, it had to be. We made the most of it and got a lot out of it, though I think we were all sleepwalking by the end of the day!

Thursday we were in Delphi and saw the Kastalian spring, Apollo’s sanctuary, the archeological museum of Delphi, and finished up the day in a cute little ski town 30 minutes from Delphi called Arachova.

And then today, we drove to Olympia! As in, the home of the first ever olympics! We made some friends (a handful of dogs followed us all day, it was adorable) and saw the site of the first Olympic Games and the museum attached to the site. Then we settled into a nice coastal town hotel.

Whew! It’s a lot to relive in one post, but here are the pictures!

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