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I had the great pleasure of graduating among a very talented, ambitious, and driven class in 2015. I attended North Raleigh Christian Academy and our graduating class size was less than the average 500 you may see in Raleigh public schools, but I was blessed to know each of my classmates personally due to our small size. Even though most of us are still in college, we have started business and created our space in this world; and I am so incredibly proud of all them. One of my friends, Rachel, is studying fashion design at Appalachian State, my brother’s alma mater.

We collaborated some this summer with her styling some pieces from a boutique, Designed for Joy. If you want to see more of Rachel and her incredible work, check out her website:

If you want to see her blog post about our session, check it out here:


Featured in these beautifully styled outfits are some of my hats (most purchased on a whim in Europe), some of her own clothes and some loaned to her by a friend, and some beautiful accessories from Designed for Joy.


Here are some highlights from the session!


Rachel, sporting bright mustard pants pairs them beautifully with a hat, neutral blouse, smart pumps, and an adorable accent piece, her purse.

Here is a shot of her beautiful ensemble featuring a well paired bracelet, a two toned hat and that gorgeous bag!

I love this hat, but Rachel wears it much better than I do!


I love Lafayette Village in Raleigh for the fun aesthetic. This pink wall accented her dress and accessories perfectly and this is one of my favorite shots from this day!

Turn a corner in Lafayette and suddenly you’re in Italy! I love how the setting and this outfit complement each other. Just stunning.


Here we are at that pink wall again! Can you tell I love it?



Rachel,  I had so much fun working with you. I hope to do more shoots like this in the future!

  1. Rachel Stevens says:

    O my gosh this is so sweet! You just so encouraged me, you have now idea!💕 I will share this on my Instagram tomorrow! I hope your semester is going well and even though I’m in Boone now, whenever are are in raleigh soon again we have to work together! You are such a sweet girl and Jesus has gifted you with such beautiful creativity! I love you so much!🙌🏻 Keep Persuing your passion! Praying for you! 💕

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