Much Ado About Yours Truly

Today is my twenty first birthday, so I thought I would share some things about myself.

I love to laugh.

I love to make people laugh too. That’s always a challenge I set for myself when on a shoot – I love to see how much I can create laughter in a given shoot. And if I can’t get a laugh, in the very least I love to make people smile.

I was featured on “Women You Should Know” for a Random Acts of Kindness project I started here at Hollins University. I create little inspirational saying on bottle cap pins and give them out. It’s one of the most fulfilling crafts I’ve ever created.

I am also tend to be very goofy whether I’m in front of or behind the camera.

(Yes, that is a willow tree branch mustache)


I love unicorns and magic. I love to be overly hopeful. I love to smile and be smiled at. I love photography. I love what I do.

Here’s to 21 and many birthdays to come!


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